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Grey Knights - Inglés

The soul of the Grey Knights is sacrosanct, and their purity is incorruptible. The silvered armour of this Chapter’s warriors is bound with incantations, engraved with sigils of warding. Their blades shine with the inner light of their sanctity, for each of these Space Marines is a psychic warrior, in empyric communion with his battle-brothers. Empowered by minds constantly on guard, they can cut steel with bare hands, their eyes blaze with fire and even the power of their words flays the otherworldly skin of daemons. They are the Imperium’s foremost sword and shield against the daemonic. Guided by the foresight and prophecies of the Chapter’s Prognosticars, a Grey Knight can adapt to the most irrational of foes and, in a flare of teleportation energies, emerge at exactly the right location to unleash their devastating power.


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